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Today I read a blog by someone talking about forgiveness.  I thought she shared her thoughts well and wanted to share it here as well.

My journey has been a battlefield. I have been fighting most of my life. Fighting to survive, fighting to be free, fighting for myself, fighting myself, fighting demons, just fighting. Redemption is a funny thing isn’t it, our sins take safe haven in our souls as we beg to be redeemed. We have all broken […]

via Forgiveness — Confession Addict

Forgiveness is necessary to the process of healing.  When we ask someone to forgive us, even if we feel they should be asking, the healing process begins.  Regardless of what the other person does or does not do, we forgive and release the burden from our shoulders. Often times we walk around carrying a burden that we do not need to carry.  Choose to live life without the burden and forgive others.  Jesus knew when he told us to forgive others including our enemies that we would be the beneficiary of grace.

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